25 05 2009

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The Truth

22 05 2009

Ok people I did quit. But to tell you all the truth you should all quit. Club Penguin is not worth it. And making videos is pointless. I found much better things to do and I don’t like playing Club Penguin anymore. I quit ok? Don’t ask for my penguin, my account or anything. Im sorry. Good bye. I did had fun and thanks to everyone who supported me. But it was hard and NO ONE helped me with the videos not even Franpi. And that is the truth. Mokibob did help me with the site. But he doesn’t play anymore because he is smart and doesn’t waste his life on a silly game. I’m sorry but that’s the truth. The reason why I actually quitted is because I play guitar and sing I am focusing on music and I really want to start a band. Thanks again for the good times we had together. 



CPG Chat Announcement

13 04 2009

Update: There, the chat has been fixed! It also has a new backround! CLICK HERE to visit it.

Hey! As some of you may know, Club Penguin Global has it’s very own chat! We are having some difficulties, but we will fix those problems very soon. Remember, try to visit this site weekly, or even daily!

Don’t forget about the Club Penguin Global Movie that Ferraripen is making! Be sure to tell him what you would like to see! 



P.S. Check out the post below.


Club Penguin Global The Movie Coming Soon…

12 04 2009

Hey everyone. I have been working on a special project called: Club Penguin Global The Movie. Yes, the very first Club Penguin Global Movie. Isn’t that cool? Well anyways for the movie I need help from you. So if you would like to be part of Club Penguin Global The Movie, please send me a message. Also if you want your penguin to starr in the movie send me a message. I will be needing your username and password. I will obviously not hack, ban or buy you stuff. I just need actors for the movie. I will probably make a trailer soon… If you do lend me your penguin for the movie I will add you on Club Penguin. So please if you would like to help please send me a message with your username and password. If you can’t lend me your penguin for personal reason you can still help out in other ways such as:

  • Have your igloo recorded.
  • Ideas
  • And much more!

So please if you want to help us send me a message on YouTube. 

P.S. I will make another post with the actors for the movie. 



Here is the link for my YouTube

Important Annoucement

6 04 2009

From now on the information on where and when are Episodes going to be recorded will be announced here on the site. It will not be annouced on the Episodes like it used to. So please try to visit the site at least 2 or 3 times a week. Stay tuned! Oh and also during Club Penguin Global Recordings I will be at the Club Penguin Global Official Chat. So you can talk to me there too. Here is the link to it.


A new background will be added very soon.



Episode 6 Is Here!

6 04 2009

It’s finally here! The Club Penguin Global April Fools Episode! 
From now on, to know when and where episodes will be recorded you need to visit the site.



5 04 2009

After many days of work, we finally have released the Official Club Penguin Global Website.  Go look at all the pages that we made.   We are fixing a few bugs, but we will get on that as soon as possible.  From now on you need to visit the site in order to know when and where to go for the CPG Episodes. Hope you like the site! Oh and also The new CPG Episode will be an April Fools Edition.

Here’s a Sneek Peek of my outfit for the next Episode.